Women’s Unattached Singlet



Women’s Unattached Singlet

Because unattached runners are people too… show your common bond with fellow unattached runners in the women’s unattached singlet today! Your coach may be ignoring you right now but we aren’t! This was one of our first ideas at Redshirt Running and definitely gets some love from the college crowd. Make sure you get it in red!

This singlet was even featured in Competitor! http://womensrunning.competitor.com/2015/03/shoes-gear/5-runtastic-things-staff-loved-week-11_35785

To view the unattached shirt, go here.

Disclaimer: You may receive multiple sponsorship offers while wearing this singlet.

This women’s Unattached singlet is a New Balance singlet printed by Redshirt Running. Made for runner, by runners (so you know it’s good).

Product Details:
•100% polyester (so it won’t shrink!)
•Wicking and anti-microbial properties (so it doesn’t cling!)
•Athletic fit with inset side panels (so you look good!)

Have a question about the women’s unattached singlet or anything else on our site? Email us at [email protected]

Sizing chart is located below:

womens unattached singlet
Women’s Sizing Chart


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