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The Road to the Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon
2015 Boston Marathon Passport

H​ow many of you got this bad boy the other day?

I did (Jill, the non-runner) and I couldn’t be more excited for my first Boston Marathon.

When I started running 3 years ago I never thought I would make it this far. To be honest, I started running because Jason bet me that I couldn’t finish a half haha. (Yup, I’m that type of person).

This will be my 3rd marathon and for all three marathons I have used some variation of Hanson’s Marathon Method.

The first marathon I ran was Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, MI. I used the beginner’s training plan and my goal was to go sub 4 hours. I managed to run 3:49.32.

The second marathon I ran was Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN. I used the Advanced training plan (but cut a few miles out every week from the easy runs). Here I ran a 3:31.32 (BQ WOOP WOOP!).

Now my training for Boston is coming to a close and I couldn’t be more excited to experience the hoopla of Boston. (I also can’t wait to rock my cat singlet for the run!)

 So, in honor of the 2015 Boston Marathon we are going to offer 15% off ALL singlets now through Wednesday, April 8th, 2015!


 Are you running the Boston Marathon? Have you ran it before? Comment below with your goal time/advice and send us your pictures to be featured on our page!

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New Cat Singlet

Cat running Singlet
Cat Singlet
Women’s Red Cat Singlet

We have a new design coming your way! Check out our new cat singlet!

Nothin’ intimidates your competitors more than showing up to the start line with the most ferocious feline on your chest. The cat singlet is a one of a kind design… not even lion (no pun intended).

And now for a limited time we are offering 10% off!
Get it for less than $26 now through Sunday (3/29/15).

Get your men’s cat singlet here.
Get your women’s cat singlet here.

Cat Singlet
Men’s Black Cat Singlet

Have a questions about this awesome knew singlet? Or have a question about anything else? Email us at or use the contact us form below!

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How Awesome is this? Married in a Tuxedo Singlet!

Just married!!

Married in a Tuxedo Singlet

Little did we know we were getting into the Wedding market when we started Redshirt Running! This past weekend, we did just that. We received an order Tuesday night from Allen saying he was getting married and if we could rush the order the tuxedo singlet. We shipped it out Wednesday morning and got it to him just in time.

Check out the happy newlyweds to the right! We are thrilled we could be a (small) part of your big day. Congrats again!



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Meet the Team!

running singlets
Prelims of the 1500 at 2010 NCAA Championships at Hayward Field

Jason (Co-founder)

I was a former 800m/1500m runner at Oakland University in Rochester, MI (not California!)

The highlight of my running career was definitely when I qualified for  the NCAA Championships in 2010 and ran at the storied Hayward field. It was truly a dream to be able to run my last collegiate race at Hayward and it was the experience of a lifetime for me.

After college, I ran post collegiately for a short period under Tim Broe and Ron Warhurst in Ann Arbor, MI before ultimately ‘retiring’. I got my butt kicked but it was a great experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

As a runner, I always hated how there weren’t many options out there for running singlets to wear if you aren’t on a team… and that is how Redshirt Running was created! It started as an idea while I was still training and has formed into what it is today so I hope you enjoy what we are trying to do! If you’d like to contact me about singlets, training, or anything related to running you can send me an email at or through the contact page 🙂


200 Breaststroke at 2011 Conference Championships

Jill (Co-Founder)

I’m not the runner in this team. I began competitive swimming at 5-years-old and swam through college at Oakland University (Go Grizzlies!). Shortly after retiring from swimming I took up running (hey, it’s the biggest bang for your buck calorie wise). After I got over the initial “Ugh, I hate this I can’t run more than a minute” feeling, I actually started enjoying it!

2014 Grandma’s Marathon- Reppin’ the Run Forrest Run Singlet


Within a year I ran my first marathon up in Traverse City, MI.  I  completed Bayshore in  3:49.32. After this I decided I wanted to qualify  for Boston. I  decided to  wait another year  and get some more miles under my belt before I ran my  next marathon. In June  2014 I went  to  Duluth,  MN to run Grandma’s Marathon and  finished in 3:31.32 (BQ! WOOP  WOOP!)  Now I’m  on my way  to run Boston in 2015. (Correction: I HAVE run Boston. 3:29.09!)

As a swimmer there are a lot of options for different swimsuit designs. When Jason came  up  with  the idea to do this for running singlets I thought it was awesome! Contact me at with questions about running, swimming, custom orders,  anything!


Contact Jason or Jill at:
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Welcome to our New Site!

Redshirt Running logo

Wassup?! Welcome to Redshirt Running’s new site! Redshirt Running was created for runners by runners. Whether you’re a retired elite like our co-owner Jason, or newbie runner like our co-owner Jill, these jerseys are for you! We’ve been sick of seeing boring, blank jerseys at races so decided to make our own funny ones! All of our jerseys are made by New Balance and printed by us. Need something custom made or have an idea you’d like us to try? Hit us up at


So, what do you do now?

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