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How Awesome is this? Married in the Tuxedo Singlet!

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Just married!!

Married in the Tuxedo Singlet

Little did we know we were getting into the Wedding market when we started Redshirt Running! This past weekend, we did just that. We received an order Tuesday night from Allen saying he was getting married and if we could rush the order the tuxedo singlet. We shipped it out Wednesday morning and got it to him just in time.

Check out the happy newlyweds to the right! We are thrilled we could be a (small) part of your big day. Congrats again!

2 thoughts on “How Awesome is this? Married in the Tuxedo Singlet!

  1. thank you guys for being so awesome and shipping the singlet so quickly! it literally arrived a couple hours before we tied the knot! we couldn’t have had a ceremony that fit our personalities and relationship better than this, and the tuxedo singlet made it perfect!
    many thanks,
    the bride : )

    1. So glad it got there in time and everything worked out! Congrats again

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